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Saturday, 25 January 2014

already seen somewhere?

quad_16 by ninettacaruso
quad_16, a photo by ninettacaruso on Flickr.
Have you ever had that feeling of "already seen somewhere"?

That's what I think looking at my last little square. I've not
copied it, but it's a simple pattern and I'm quite sure that it
isn't original. It's a Greek cross.

I've tatted the four squares with dmc size 80, pink and a variegated dark red. The pattern looks incomplete to me, when 4 motifs are joined toghether, I'd redesign how to fill all that space. The big motif is tatted with shuttles wound with 2 threads, one is dmc 80 and the other is 2 strands of the dmc moulinè 100% polyester E3821 gold.

The same threads are used to tat the cross in the next picture, using the same pattern. If you goggle "tatted cross" you'll be mixed up by the huge amount of images, they're all similar but no one equal to another! But then, this fact is extremely encouraging and reassuring... may be, my cross could even be original... I've already framed it and now it hangs in my bedroom.

In the picture there's also my little homework, for the Tatting
Designer class, in fact we've talked about complementary colors, and I've tatted again my quad_13 patern using green and a variegated red.

Then I've picked up samples of thread I got, to try complementary combinations. I like lilac close to ecrù, I've never though to use them together, nor I knew that they are complementary.
And, ehm... sorry Teacher, is that type of chain valid for the homework?

Avete mai avuto la sensazione che quello che avete fatto non sia originale? A me questa piccola croce greca pare proprio comune, già vista da qualche parte. Comunque devo ripensare a come unire le piastrelle tra loro, rimane troppo spazio vuoto. La croce e il motivo grande sono fatti con le navette riempite con 2 tipi di filo, il dmc 80 e due capi del moulinè metallizzato E3821. Se cercate su google "tattes cross" avete tante immagini da confordervi! Sembrano uguali ma sono tutte diverse! Questo forse è quasi incoraggiante, forse la mia crocetta potrebbe essere originale... Nella stessa foto ci sta il compitino sui colori complementari, fatto per le le lezioni che sto seguendo (per info guardate il sito messo insieme un po' dei miei fili per provare varie combinazioni, mi piace il lilla con l'ecrù, non avevo mai pensato di usarli insieme e non pensavo nemmeno che fossero complementari. E poi ci sta una bella catena, chissà se è valida per l'altro compitino? 



  1. Lovely cross, I like your pattern, lovely motif for your homework.

  2. Wow, I love your work and that cross is a one of a kind very beautiful I can see where you framed this. The motif is great too I would like to try that some day too. Love the colors, looks like a necklace just beautiful excellent work on all of these pieces ;) From Carollyn

  3. Beautiful work Ninetta, especially the beaded cross. The square doesn't look familiar to me at any rate. Perhaps you've seen something similar that wasn't tatted?

  4. Such beautiful motifs!! Love the cross!!! And the quad 13 motif is beautiful!! :) And that chain is a work of art!! :)

  5. Thank you very much, you're all very nice. I'd draw those patterns but I prefer tatting, so I continue to put it off... lazy woman! But it's all saved in my workbook that I hope a day I could decipher myself... :)

  6. Would absolutely love to tat that cross, it is beautiful. Is the pattern printed anywhere?

  7. pattern is here:


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.