Wednesday, 16 July 2014

ok, up to now...

I forgot to tell you the number of ds that I'm tatting in chains. All chains are the same in the 2-2-2-2 ring version of the doily, so one could reasonably think it is the same here. In this case rings are 1/3 bigger and so it should be for chains.

Chains are formed by two parts, the inner  part is 6-6 ds, with a vsp.  Then the pattern asks to reverse work and the outer part of the chain is 7-6-7, with joins and normal lenght picots. Also, picots coming from rings and supposed to be joined to a chain, should be normal picots. That worked for me, maybe it could be useful to you too.

I still don't understand well which is the right size for picots in each rings' cluster. But I'm only at the second round!

Thread is DMC cordonnet special, ecrù, size 40.



  1. Lovely pattern and looking lovely so far.

  2. That does look great. Are you doing it with two shuttles and switching shuttles when the chain turns, or are you doing it with a shuttle and ball and shoelace tricks?

  3. Thank you dears! I'm doing with one shuttle and ball. Not exactly shoelace trick but 2 first half and 1 second half, to reverse work in chains. That counts as 1ds.

  4. I have this on my UFO list. I believe I have gone through row 3 or 4 - just can't remember right now. Anyway, I use the same size picot for the pattern. Using size 10 thread and 2 shuttles.


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