Wednesday, 3 September 2014


quad_24, a photo by ninettacaruso on Flickr.

Motif  inspired by the mystery doily (phrase copied from previous post!).
To break the habit, I've a plan: one hanky - I'm playing with a new edging - and the doily "Under An African Sky" by Janemactats - joining the invitation to the tatting fun by Umi&Tsuru.

But in the meanwhile, a friend of mine asked an help to tatting the beautiful seahorse (Medium Sized Seahorse) by Jane Eborall. I asked her permission to make a tutorial here in my blog and she kindly gave it. She is so generous. You can find her pattern here:
Before starting it, from her "Tips and Techniques" page, I suggest to refresh how to add a bead to the centre of a ring, that will be on hand for the eye of the seahorse: Adding Bead to Centre of Ring
I think that it should be the only tricky point of that pattern.

It's a wonderful pattern, it lays flat perfectly, no need to be stiffened and it seems you're drawing it with your thread. I love her unique style.
I'll post the tutorial starting from next post. THAT WILL BE IN ENGLISH AND IN ITALIAN.



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