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Monday, 1 September 2014


Motif inspired by the mystery doily. It recalls a pattern I've used here:
Both rings and chains are groups of 5ds separated by picots, but dimpled rings are 5+12+10-5/5+10-12-5.
Thread is dmc 80, light grey.

I love walking along the seaside, letting the water touch my feet, picking up little shells washed up on the beach.

Those in the upper left of the photo are Donax Trunculus, called "tellina" in Italian, lovely shaped and good enough to be eaten with spaghetti. If you look carefully, you can see those little holes made by predatory sea snails. Do you think those holes could have a chance with tatting?

(The shell on the right could be the Nassarius Mutabilis, used as a food too, but I've never eaten that.)

Here you are another "postcard" from the sea:



  1. I love that motif Ninetta, wonderful shape! Shells are pretty. I've always lived far from the sea, finding shells only on holidays. Try combining them with tatting.

  2. Very elegant motif , great decorative effect !
    It could so easily be a large flower :-)
    Thank you for sharing the pattern too.

  3. Lovely pattern, I am sure I have seen and tatted a pattern simular the free patterns, it was a Russian pattern, I do like your hearts in the middle

  4. Thank you all. It's a very simple pattern, it can be improved, personalized, but I like it as it is. (I thought it first as an edging.)

  5. love the shells, I have not been to a beach in a long time. the pattern you have done is fresh an different love the hearts!


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