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Thursday, 2 October 2014


quad_25, a photo by ninettacaruso on Flickr

Quad_25 is only a little square but it's precious for me, for many reasons...

I've tatted it with 2 threads, one is dmc size 80, number 368 green, the other is one of the big treasure that Fox sent last year. She sent many threads, all beautiful, I've used almost all for the squares, but I still have some to play with. The multicoloured rings look like bubbles to me! The wonderful muted mix is perfect with that green hue, it is Perfect Quilter... number?... well, we should ask Fox!

The colour scheme is so difficult that I can only guess. I think that they are primary colours as for the multicoloured thread and they "visually advance", while the green acts as cool and passive, even if it's a major part in the pattern. It was very difficult to find a background for the photo, at the end I opted for the black, nothing else worked. I know I've a lot to learn about colours!

This is the square number 25: that number is important to me as I started following all your blogs when I joined the "25 motif challenge". I'm very happy that I did it.

For onion rings, I've followed the tutorial prepared by Aurora Lozada for the online tatting class, it's great for me, it's better than other methods I tried before.

So, quad_25 is a thank-you square: to Fox, Sue Fuller, Sharon, Aurora... and you all!

Currently I should finish the edging with daisies and I've started another project, that is something 3D that challenges me.... But I also want to join the group ( that will tat the doily designed by Jane, so now I have to face the most difficult part: choosing colours!



  1. Dear Ninetta, thank you for writing this. I never had problems choosing colors in my life, e.g. for clothes, interior design,.until I discovered colored tatting thread. Combining those is an artform in its own right. damn difficult.

  2. I love the bubbles and I love that color green I used that color (or one like it) with a pale yellow two years ago, and I do love this pattern did you make it?
    Well as for the colors, I know it is hard and I think I like the bottom one best :)

  3. Thank you, I've ever had problems choosing colors! Lol! I think the pattern is original, born from my pencil, but there are so many patterns around that a poor tatter like me is always insecure!

  4. That is a beautiful gorgeous pattern I like onions I know a lot of tatters don't , but I do and no 25 is simply a great pattern

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    1. Grazie Manu, sei molto gentile a lasciarmi un commento :)


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