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Sunday, 3 May 2015

part II - pattern for the "forget-me-not" doily

Well, I see, it doesn't look good, but you can't judge a doily by its second row...

In my SH1 I've the yellow thread, in SH2 the black one.
I close the little yellow motifs in this way:

1. Finish the last daisy (complete, 1SR, 4R, 1SR). In those pics there's one motif with 6 repetitions, needed for the second last row of the doily.

2. Start a split ring (that it'll be part of the first daisy), with SH1: 3ds, p, 3ds. With SH2: 3ds, join to the first SR of the first daisy (see it in pic), 3ds, close.

3. SR closed.

4. Start the last normal ring with SH1: 3ds, join to previous SR, 3ds, join to previous daisy in the fourth ring, 3ds, join to the very first ring (Jane Eborall has a method to avoid the twisted picot for this last join, look through her Tips&Techniques). Then 3ds and close.

5. I used two loops of thread for hiding ends with the magic trick, but I'm anxious, I'm always afraid that ends pull out, then I tied another knot...

In the doily there's one central motif with 8 daisy repetitions and another 8 more motifs with 6 daisy repetitions, that need to be prepared in advance.

For this tutorial I'm having a lot of fun with mobile apps! I'm using PhotoCollage and PhotoEditor, it's amazing that you can get so much editing power from a phone. It's smart indeed!

Just to have a chuckle, if you ask for a "phon" (without the "e" that is) in Italian, they will bring an hair-dryer. You're warned.



  1. Very interesting ! I will definitely try this center Round 1 sometime. Part of my bead-learning process ...

    Also will check out PhotoEditor . I use PhotoCollage after you mentioned it in one of your posts. However, I can't get to reduce the size of a photo (it automatically crops them), hence it's use is a bit limited - to small pieces . But I do enjoy it :-)

  2. I missed your first part, very interesting doily, one I think I will be trying in the future.

  3. Thank you Muskaan and Margaret :-)

  4. I'm still catching up with your floating rings idea, but thanks for your detailed tutorial.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.