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Friday, 8 May 2015

part IV - petals

My coloured shuttles come in handy to name the pink one SH1 and the light blue SH2.

That is the situation in pic 1:
the line of split rings after the little daisy connected to the yellow center, it is tatted in this way:
- 4 SR (as explained in previous post) with normal picots.
- 12 SR, each one tatted wrapping the SH1 thread around the hand: 3ds, long picot (1/2"), 3ds. Then with SH2 the second side: 3ds, long picot(1/2") - except the first SR that it's joined to previous petal in its long picot. Then 3ds And close.

In pic 2 and 3, reverse work.
Start the 13th SR wrapping the SH2 thread around the hand: 3ds, long picot, 3ds. With SH1: 3ds.

In pic 4 you see the join picking all long picots with the SH1 thread.

Pic 5 and 6: Insert the picot gauge and adjust the lenght. Continue with 3ds and close (pic 7). In pic 8 the SR closed.
Pic 9: Reverse again the work and wrap the thread of SH1 around the hand.
- 4 SR with normal picots: 3-3/3-3.
In pic 10 there're 2 of those.

Pic 11: start another daisy as explained in previous post.
Pic 12: daisy connected to first round.

In next post the third round. But all 8 rounded motifs with 6 little daisy are to be prepared first. I'm going slow with those, there're 3 still to be tatted.

I hope that it's clear till now, I'll be glad to hear from you.

Remember to join the last petal to the first!


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  1. This seems a bit fiddly, mainly because I've never really taken to a picot gauge. But this inspires me to shed my inhibitions :-)
    Thanks for all the detailed steps.


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