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Friday, 29 May 2015

trapped in repetitions

But not the same repetition, of course! One of this, one of that...

In the picture you can't see 2 doilies hidden in a pochette but you see the other one in the plastic sack, last rounds are being the same repetition again and again, but I can't wait to see the final look.

Then there's the edging for Giulia, she asked 2 meters to trim a traditional costume with, it would have been rough and ready, so I used a Cebelia size 10. Pattern is from "A tatter's workbook" by A.Tatter. I discovered that my tiny shuttles can load thread for only 10cm of that edging, I needed to buy the Starlit, that compared with them, it looks like a giant!

Then there's a distraction, a beaded bracelet that really it is just a matter of repetitions. I'm happy with it, but I don't know if I'll ever do another one.

I bought the Starlit on last saturday, and received as a gift those celtic shuttles, upper side of the picture. (Would you like to suggest a pattern or should I put the fun off until the next bookmark?)

I was enjoying a lace makers meeting, one hour from where I live. I admired an absolutely amazing exposition of laces from different parts of Italy, needle laces, bobbin laces and netting. There are some photos of the event in facebook (held in Zagarolo near Rome). As example, here it is a piece of needle lace from Burano, near Venice, it was done by a very talented lady, Angela Coggiatti, that lived from 1895 to 1982. (Sorry for the pic it's not very clear but the lace was behind a glass)

That's me (the chubby one on the left, but I also had a bag under the jacket!) and my friend Bibiana:



  1. You look wonderful and like you had fun with your friend. I too love lace and get so side tracked with all the different types and things that can be done with lace. The pictures look great and your works too and the new possibilities with all the new shuttles too :)

  2. Hi, Cutie! So nice to “meet” you! Photos are very interesting. Lace - that is a whole other world! : )

  3. Such a neat working area ! Come see mine - stuff spread out helter-skelter, rummaging through, ... :-(
    The soft look/expression on your face is just like the soft, delicate, beautiful lace you have shown us :-)
    The beaded bracelet looks very pretty. Loads of gorgeous Celtic tatting patterns ... don't neglect the Celtic shuttles, please . Or, do a combo pattern with Celtic as normal shuttles together.

  4. Lovely to see a picture of you! You have lots of projects on the go.

  5. You're all very nice, thank you :)

  6. Beautiful lace, thank you for sharing it, I look forward to seeing your new work

    1. Thank you for your nice comments Margaret


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.