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Monday, 27 July 2015

absent minded

This post was supposed to be published on 21th... Uhm, forgetting a post wasn't in that list ( ) !

July flied.

Here has been very hot, hands have sweat for all the month and tatting has been slowed down. Even during those two days of the event organized by our local association, on 11th & 12th of July , I didn't tat, but chatted a lot. It was a nice time, with friends who kindly came, despite boiling - for our standard - temperatures. There's a nice photo-reportage in a friend's site here:
I'm in some of the pictures, wearing a blue top with tatting on, the same tatting that I move from one top to another, as long as I put on weight and grow in size!

Actually I started something, just because of my personal challenge: tatting a bookmark per month.

Thought about a starfish, then changed my mind because I tried to twist a long chain and couldn't remember what I wanted to do.

So I started a chain of split ring with layered rings on, but I forget shuttles somewhere here around. It was a great opportunity for tiding up my tatting corner in the kitchen...

I found a prototype of quad_2, it looks to me like a round of minnows surrounded by starfish, a very summer subject, so I started one bookmark with that pattern. Actually, when it came to the pattern, I found an oversight, that means the pattern needs to be rewritten. Sigh! I'm so sorry, "lack of concentration" status is a constant in my life...

Then, completely discouraged, I started playing with curled rings again. It seems that I found a rithm now. It could be, maybe, the starting of the bookmark of july, and we are already at the end of this month. I can't let me distracted any more. Can I do it?

(Yes! I finished it!)


  1. Well done for finishing the bookmark and achieving your target, even though the weather doesn't encourage tatting. The event sounds fun - much more important to chat than tat on such occasions!

  2. Oh dear, nice 'adventure' ?! Destination isn't everything, the journey is what counts too :-)
    I've been waiting for your bookmark of the month & check my blog list Everyday to see a post from you . Even if the July bookmark isn't yet complete, there is a lot of interesting tatting peeping out in the pics !

    Won't distract you further ;-P

  3. Love the colors in your little trials!! And the designs too!! :)

  4. Loved the absent-minded list on buzzfeed ! Hilarious :-D


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