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Saturday, 22 August 2015

quad_24 rescued

Thread is dmc size 70, pattern is a variation of quad_24, stitches' count is here:

I used the square flawed (can you spot it?), partially amended by Doctor Downplay, and took your advice to leave arms of the square not connected. It measures about 20 x 20 cm. It could be used as a rings' pillow but with something added in the center, I think, like some embroidery.

I copied from Priscilla's frame the solution used there, to connect all squares and half-squares together, with a final round of rings and chains.

We go often to the sanctuary of Saint Gabriel, near the Gran Sasso mountain. There is always a lot of people there, at any time of the year, but mostly busy during august, when a lot come from outside Italy, too, visiting relatives.

On the 2nd of march 2014 it was inaugurated a new big bronze door (by Paolo Annibali sculptor). It is 4 x 5 meters and they say that its weight is 6000 kilograms! There is a website for the sanctuary, but it's in italian:

"Porta degli emigrati" - door of emigrants


  1. I love your frame! Interesting method, to join the different motifs with an outer row. That's a serious door. Thanks for showing us. Is it a sanctuary for people moving to Italy, or does it commemorate people who left Italy?

    1. The door, only that door is dedicated to people who left Italy. I'm sorry that they don't have a English translation in their website. Have you tried with the google translation of the site? It is a very well known sanctuary in Italy.

  2. I think an old photo would look so nice in the extraordinary frame, what ever you do would be great and can't wait to see what you will do too! Although I like the idea of embroidery work too :)

  3. Thank you for your comments!

  4. Another lovely lace ! Yes, some embroidery or a smaller tatted motif in same shade would look nice. But I still like the 1st one (Priscilla's) best - that lace is sheer gossamer !

    Very interesting about the porta degli emigrati . I Googled for info/translatin in English & have been reading this enlightening write-up here :
    Thanks for sharing :-)


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