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Friday, 18 September 2015

anything but pressing

No no, when I tat something for me, I don't feel under pressure! The reference to the pressure will be clear if you go on reading, as you please.

The little layered rings don't show off well with a multicoloured thread, I already had tried with different hues and my favourite are those tatted with solid colours.

But with that hanky, bought during the recent visit in Venezia, I like how this thread changes smoothly from light blue to white.

At first, I tatted following my own noted direction to have one picot in the center layered ring for each petal, but the central didn't pop up, a matter of optical illusion, I think, it melted in the center and quite disappeared. Then I tried with only one picot and now it seems more similar to the original pattern. That is Plate VI, pic.29, in
"Tatting" by Dillmont.

When in Venezia, we visited Museo Correr, in one room there was a treasure from XV century.

That is a machine for pressing handkerchiefs, that it is understandable if you were ironing with an old heated iron - and maybe not so clean because warmed up on the fire -. I have another better pic of it, but don't know if it is fair put it in the blog, because they didn't put a photo in their official site. If you like seeing it, please leave me a comment with your email.



  1. Edging is very cute and does go well with the beautiful handkerchief, what fun to have a memento of a nice trip, and I like the press and is something to think about back in time, and would they really be white after pressing.

  2. The hankie is a gem! And the edging in variegated blue is so perfect with it.

    That machine looks as if it belongs in a dungeon! : ))

    I see only one photo of it.

  3. Beautiful edging, and I can see the layered rings, even in the first picture. The color will complement the handkerchief nicely.

  4. The edging is perfect with that hankie! Must be washing a lot of hankies to justify having such a machine, don't you think? Neat though.

    1. I couldn't find any info about this kind of machine back in 1400, I'll continue to search though. In the set of a personal "dote" of a bride, till few time ago, I know that everything used to be 12 pieces or multiple of 12. A number that can justify a press!

  5. That looks beautiful so far!! :)


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