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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

butterfly in slow motion - part 2

The next photo shows that the join in the first butterfly I tatted in 2011 is a wee bit better positioned at that point. That is because I joined those picots (up and down) at the same time with a CWJ. 
But this time I first joined the upper picot (the one that belong to the lower part of the wing), then I joined the picot under the chain with a CWJ, that substituted for one double stitch. I think the effect is quite the same and the process is simpler than the previous.
It's fundamental that both threads are on the same side of the motif, otherwise it will be very tricky to continue. I put both on the back of what already done, but it's just my personal choice.

So, here it is the sequence of stitches at the connection point (we are at the chain already tatted of 2-2-2, where we stopped to join) :
- upper join
- CWJ (it replaces one ds)
- 2 ds
- upper join
- 3 ds
All that you can find in the pattern as 2 joins (with black dots - marked wrongly), a chain of 3 ds between and a next chain of 4.

Useful links for the CWJ:

After the chain, I reversed the work and tatted the last ring, then a last chain.
I hid the ends using a similar method to Frivole’s:

But instead of hiding both threads inside, I sewed the yellow thread with a needle.

All we can do now is tatting the other wing, exactly the same.



  1. Nice close ups of the directions I will make another better, although I just pined mine out and love it!

  2. Very nice ! I cannot afford to be tempted right now, though :-( I am saving all your instructions for later ...
    Am on a tatting marathon with the Snow doily - Have to complete it before the 1st & these last rounds are getting 'boring'. So before I lose interest, I am spending every spare moment on the doily ;-/


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.