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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

focus on it

There's only 9 wheels to reach the end of that doily, I can only tat one of them each day so I'm confident to finish by a couple of weeks... If I won't make silly mistakes, like forgetting a join. I'll recover it using the old way of tatting!
Tatting with the new ball of Lizbeth it is a pleasure, thread is finally collaborating and doesn't break every 5 rings, as the last part of previous ball did.

Actually, I admit, I'm not focused on it. I've started some test tatting for Christmas and - a big big fault - I bought a beautiful bobbin lace's magazine. I hardly can make something from it, but a lovely edging for a hanky. You can get a glimpse of it in the upper side of the photo. That would rather be another candidate for the long list of UFOs...

On evenings, after dinner, while watching tv, I'm in part tatting wheels, in part test tatting my doodles and in part making the filét lace. Something will be finished, if I ever could focus on one thing at a time!
The needle used to make the net is called "mòdano" in Italian. Don't look too close to my net, please, it's absolutely misshapen!



  1. Beautiful doily!! :)
    Your other projects are very nice!! :)

  2. So many possibilities, it's impossible to focus!

  3. I know the feeling I get so caught up in so many different things too all your pictures are great!

  4. I can relate to that I have tatting and knitting on the go at the same time.
    Look forward to seeing whatever you finish first


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