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Monday, 9 November 2015

trallallero trallallà

OK, you've just noted the Italian title but the oxford dictionary online translates it tra-la-la, perfectly clear that a no-sense word has a no-sense translation.
It's used in rhymes/songs to sing parts that you've never learnt by heart.

I wish I had some trallallero trallallà for the next round of that doily, as I have an idea (vague indeed) for the rest but I need a sort of connection-round to switch from 8 points to 6 (that is from an octagonal to hexagonal shape)

But trallallero is also a way to express happiness, that was my feeling yesterday while visiting "Abilmente Roma", a so well known trade fair here, but also a big exposition of lace of different types and whatever else that could be called handmade.

Of course I did shopping.
I said it: trallallero trallallà!



  1. Trallallero trallallà! Indeed! Your motif is beautiful!

    That fair sure looks likes great fun.

  2. Beautiful motif and very Christmassy colours
    Of course you did some shopping at the fair, you would not be a woman if you had not.

  3. I'd say tra-la-la too to be at such a fair. I look forward to seeing what comes next, how you solve your geometry puzzle.

  4. Your Christmas doily is looking fabulous!!! :)


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