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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

tatting... what?

There's a purse with my UFOs somewhere in the home that seems to appear from time to time, then you spell the famous phrase "I put it here so I can easily find it" and the bag disappears, magically.

The last time, it gave back 4 squares already tatted and two balls of thread, one of these revealed itself the wrong colour's number, but very very similar (that's the risk with UFOs, you forget to remember yourself your ideas, if ever you had one). I should remember to write me something like a "delivery note", that can be really useful.

Luckily, I wrote a post ( with stitches' count and the rough pattern is jotted on my notebook, too. It is "quad_23" in the album "granny's squares" in Flickr (the link to the album is in the page "Tutorials and sets in Flickr" from the menu bar).

Did you spot the missed join? It's Harold Finch's fault (watching "Person of interest", a TV series).

These little motifs are the tatted daisy by Mrs. Odum but I changed the stitches' count, they will go inside transparent key-holders. Thread is Lizbeth size 80.

What tatting next? If, by any chance, I find again the UFOs' bag, there's an edging and the xmas' doily started in December. Then I found a shawl tatted with the magic square pattern, used for a bride, it's spectacular (see it here: I should buy the thread first or maybe I can use that silk that I bought two years ago... Then there's the rings' pillow that I wish to tat for my second son (at page 8, fig.23 of  Priscilla Tatting book #1). Then ... who knows?

Do I need tatting patterns? I've just had a look on google! And you?

I love exploring tools in internet and (well - OK - I'm a bit late) I've just discovered Google Trends, a site that everybody can use to explore how much and where in the world a topic/subject is searched on Google. I've entered "tatting lace", of course, and found that the general interest is decreasing in time (from 2004) and the most frequent query is for tatting patterns. What is your feeling? I think that in general that's positive because there's many who wants to tat something new or wants to learn to.  Another thing I noted is that tatting is listed as a possible "subject" while crocheting or knitting are "hobby" for Google Trends. Someone should tell them.

So I started my query with "tatting lace patterns". I had 438.000 results in 0.28 seconds! A diligent tatting computer indeed! The first in the list of results it is the tatting page at Allcraft: .  I love that page, I've already tatted something from there, for example the Christmas Berry Wreath (

Anyway, no matter what the to-do list contains, tatting is or should be always done with enthusiasm and joy, that's the better way to face any tatting plan for 2016! At least that's my excuse to have failed to tat 10 bookmarks in 2015! I have only one real challenge in my life for the end of this year: to reach the Level 16 in the "Online game to end hunger" (follow the link in the upper right sidebar)!!! My best is only the 8th!


UPDATE: link for the shawl by Jean Younkin:


  1. That Harold Finch! He's trouble but John....

    I love your granny squares, quite beautiful!

  2. I love your square and wish you would make a book I would buy it! I also think that the bridle shawl is gorgeous and more work than the monster doily Wow!

  3. Wonderful mat, flowers, and daisies!!! :)

  4. Beautiful tatting :). Love Person of Interest :).


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