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Friday, 18 March 2016

you know my methods

That's a famous quote ("You know my methods, Watson."
That parallelogram, still in progress, it is something that can put a poor tatter to the test. Try and try again, it may be very different from that which I have expected... For now, I doubt there will be a tattingram by next week.

Browsing Pinterest, I found that a little book exists that has patterns to make the bobbin lace version of the tangram. Let's see, mmm... It seems a Dutch publication from 2005. The link for the image is not broken but it doesn't link to the designer's site, you know what I mean :( ...

I investigated, of course. I discovered a pdf ( where the book is listed and from that I followed a couple of French links, then discovered a Foundation:
... and eventually I found it:

There's an email there, in case you want it be sent. Me? I'd better try to finish my parallelogram...

Tot gauw –> See you soon
( )
What? 29 ways!!!



  1. I look look forward to seeing your progress

    1. Ty Margaret, I can say it's something springy, not related precisely with Easter... I need a little more time to tat this, I'm getting mad with the parallelogram!

  2. Hallo :-)
    The lace tangrams are exquisite !!!!
    Did you solve your previous problem ?
    What Sherlock Never said "Elementary, dear Watson" ;-)

    1. Yes, they are, I found them by chance, looking for tangram in P, that popped up and I wanted to learn more about it. Sigh, previous problem solved but not yet tatted :) it keeps me busy! No time for chores, lol!!


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