Friday, 3 March 2017

something I like

I'm enjoying tatting this white edging, I like a lot the sheer lace effect of the tiny size 100 thread. That is what I've tatted till now

In Pinterest, you know when they send those mails "we found this that might be right up your alley" (and of course I like it), there's the photo of an item (already sold) in ebay, " Antique Tatted Fine Deep Wide lace wedding bridal hanky Circa 1900 NWOT" (in ebay nwot is new without tags); link is here:

I'm glad that I've found such a clear photo of the edging, probably that one is not so old. I zoomed in with the facility offered by ebay and looked at the connection points between the wheels and the inner round of rings, they are perfectly visible. In a previous post, Martha Ess kindly left a comment here, saying that she tatted it years ago and added some motifs to fill in the gaps, I loved her hint. Looking at the picture in ebay, you can see that the tatter let it almost as equal as described in the Priscilla's but the little flowers connected to the inner rings are five petals (instead of four). That could be another option. But I'm still dithering, I'm also thinking about getting rid of the inner round.

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  1. That was a good find, hooray for pinterest. It sounds as though you need all the help you can get. Phew size 100 thread, I've never even seen such a thing. But it's very delicate, wonderful.

  2. A great great find on Pinterest
    It's looking beautiful, and such fine thread, I could never tat that fine my eyes are not the good enough but I prise anyone who can.
    Well done

  3. Very pretty. The tatting has a very vintage look to it. It reminds me of those old tatting booklets from the 1930s.

    I always get Pinterest emails about historical photographs. I don't ever log onto Pinterest but somehow they know I like looking at old photos!

  4. Wonderful! Elegant. Delicate. Classic. You are brave, and blindness is a risk with #100!

  5. So elegant, but really! size 100!!?? I do not think I could...

  6. Thank you very much everyone :-*


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.