Tuesday, 15 October 2013

a focal point

a focal point by ninettacaruso
a focal point, a photo by ninettacaruso on Flickr.
I've tatted that necklace in the last 2 monthes, not continually, so I've changed my mind few times, thinking first at it as a bracelet, then as a necklace, now it became a gift, so I need a focal point that could be close to my friend's style, a little different from mine. That could be a challenge, we usually choose with our own taste ... What do you suggest for the center? Should I leave it empty? Or should I put somenthing rounded or squared, black? brown? I'm thinking to a semiprecious stone like amber, but I don't have any at home that could match.

It's worked with 2 shuttles, filled with two threads, brown silk (seta Faro) and DMC n.282 gold metallic thread. Beads were stringed in both shuttles.

 Ho avuto tra le mani questo lavoro per due mesi e nel frattempo, da braccialetto è diventato collana... adesso mi serve per regalarlo ad un'amica, così mi servirebbe qualcosa da mettere al centro del ciondolo che sia vicino al suo stile, un poco diverso dal mio. E' sempre difficile scegliere secondo i gusti di qualcun altro... Voi cosa suggerite? Devo lasciare il centro vuoto? O metterci qualcosa di rotondo o quadrato? Nero? Marrone? Sto anche pensando a una pietra dura, come l'ambra, ma non ho niente in casa che possa andare bene. 
Ho usato due navette riempite con due fili, uno marrone di seta Faro e l'altro oro metallizzato n.282  della DMC. Le perline le ho caricate nel filo di entrambe le navette.



  1. Maybe a gemstone like tiger's eye?

    1. Wow that's a great tip! Thank you a lot! I'm going to see if I have one at home!

  2. Oh, I'd leave it as it is - it shows off the pattern better.

  3. I think I agree with Jane. It is beautiful as it is now.
    Fox : )

  4. Yes, I think leave it empty too. Though tigers eye is tempting.

  5. E' talmente bella così che non aggiungerei altro.

  6. I guess it depends when it would be worn...

  7. Thank you very very much for your kind comments! Yes, the tiger eye is tempting, but I haven't one with the right shape... I'd probably leave it empty, my friend is arriving in a week!
    Thank you,


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