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Tutorials in this blog

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Please refer to the page "Treble Tatting Stitch - Summary" - for any info about treble tatting stitches, thank you.

Tutorial shared with The Online Tatting Class:

Alternate methods of curling rings: (the same doc is in my Drive:  ) 

Tutorials in this blog:

Onion Rings series:

True rings: the onion dilemma – Part I
True rings, variations: variations on the onion recipe – Part II
Mock rings, the German way: peeling the onion without crying – Part III
Mock rings, variations: onion rings - not fried yet – Part IV
SCMRs and Split Onion Rings: mock and split but still genuine – Part V
Layered and 3D: the onion takes dimension - Part VI
Direction and elements: whichever way you choose - Part VII

Beaded tatting ropes:

1) Stacked development with rings:   (Video: )
2) Stacked development with mock rings:
3) Stacked development with Roda Auld's method:
4) Stacked development with Bobbie Demmer's method: (method of beads "face-up" on picots)
5) Stacked development with one shuttle and DYJ:
6) Stacked development with only chains:


Rosary and beads
Beads in joining picots
AOSJ Anne Orr's Slip Join, for adding beads in split ring

Dimpled rings

how to tat big dimpled rings

Block tatting

The right angle

Spiral rings

Interlocking split rings


Tuft picots:
Tatting the tuft picot, video:
Venetian picots:
Tatting the venetian picot, video:


Blipless join: (3 ways to avoid the little "blip" of colour in joins)

JSS in direct tatting:

attach tatting to fabric

Direct tatting

inward-facing picot in direct tatting (aka drop picot or clip picot or down picot)
(list of links here:


how to get rid of one picot:
how I repaired a chain:

Adding new thread - Hiding threads

how to tat one single ring with measured picots and hide 1st and 2nd ends (magic thread method):
My way to add a new core thread in a chain
My way of adding a new ball thread in a chain


the last chain - ending with SSSCh:

How to insert earrings' post

DIY a shuttle from cardboard or paper


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