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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

rosary and beads

Jeanne Lugert this week shared her rosary pattern with the Online Tatting Class. Pattern is in her blog, here it is the link:
It's so lovely, it can be also a lanyard or a necklace and it can also be embellished with beads and also you may like to change the cross' pattern. Many thanks to Jeanne Lugert for this beautiful design, she is also the designer of the beautiful roses that I've tatted many times, for example here: lilliputian rose.

I've also watched last video by Karen Cabrera, showing prayer beads, it's an intriguing technique, it also seems very useful for jewellery or key chains or wherever you like a tatted charm. Many thanks, Karen!

This is my version of Jeanne Lugert's rosary, with the beads covered in tatting:

Link to Karen's video is here:

Actually, I did little changes. My beads are quartz, 6mm ∅, and they are slippery, so I've tatted flowers of 4 rings of 5ds, -join to previous-, 5ds, picot, 5ds, picot, 5ds.
Then, in place of tatting the flowers "detached" (as showed in Karen's video), I've tatted them with one of the 2 shuttles and substituted last ring with a split ring. In order to stabilise the bead, I've passed the other shuttle's thread through between the second and third ring. Sorry, I think my description is not so clear, maybe I should share a video too.

For the rosary, I substituted the lock stitch chain with a spiral chain: 

I realised that the lanyard can be tatted starting from the junction, that is where the pattern has a big ring. But I had to change that big ring with 2 rings, that is one is the starting ring, then I tatted the lanyard and came back to that point tatting the second ring:

That is the junction:
After that, I tatted the short section with the cross and ended the pattern finishing with an SSSR (Miranda's method)

Last pic today is from my home: knotting's framed!


  1. Very pretty! May I ask what thread you used for the project?

    1. Oh yes and sorry, I forgot to write that!
      Finca light gold (Hilo Metalizado, 1000mts, Presencia Hilaturas), double strand, 35% Polyester and 65% Viscose. I wound together two strands in two shuttles CTM.

    2. Thanks! I’ve just started trying metallic threads and that’s why I was curious :)

  2. Beautiful work🌹❤🌹 on your last picture of the wall it reminded me of your candle I always wanted to this for Christmas and hopefully this year🎄

  3. Very beautiful rosary!! :)
    Your knotting pictures are wonderful!! :)

  4. Lovely lanyard, and the way you have done a different start and layout to it.
    Your framed pictures for your house are beautiful, this is one beautiful house.

  5. Your lanyard is very pretty, thank you for explaining your method. I like the way you displayed the knotting projects, I'm sure you will get lots of compliments for them.


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