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Friday, 16 October 2015

butterfly in slow motion - part 3

Part 3 is the body of the butterfly.
The body starts at the ring on top of the antenna:

It is worked CTM with 2 shuttles filled with a yellow dmc size 80 thread. After the little ring, the antenna is a zig zag chain, that is 4 first half ds followed by 4 second half ds, repeated for 8 times. That is called also "victorian set", as I found it here:

Then there's a face inward picot, there's various methods to do it, I've just mine that I showed in a drawing in Flickr:

Wings are joined along the body. It may be finished at this point, a pretty butterfly side viewed on a flower, so we need the pattern for a flower. Priscilla's pansy?

The pointed bottom of the body has two stitches made with the second shuttle, an effect that Jon called Pointed chain:

That is how I do it:

When attaching the second wing, pay attention to don't twist picots. I lay the second wing over the first, then open it like a page of a book.

The 2ds split chain over the head, between antennas, it could be avoided, but I like it.

For the last antenna I have a trick. In the first I made, that actually came out very floppy, the tension can't be perfectly regulated at the end. So I thought to fold the core thread as in a SSSC, tat the zig zag chain and the last ring (with 2nd shuttle). Blocked the core thread loop with the ball thread, at the end I had just to pull the first shuttle to adjust the antenna.

That's all!
I hope to see your butterflies soon! Happy tatting!



  1. Very nice second half of direction, I may try another one!

  2. Thank you, it's a very beautiful butterfly!

  3. Definitely on my to-do list, thanks Ninetta.

  4. Thank you for sharing :). It is on my To Tat list for my 2 girls :).

  5. Aaaarrgh ! You haven't tasted what slow motion is - your butterfly can't compete with my erratic server ;-(((
    Ninetta, I have now joined Flickr (through my yahoo! address) just so I could download the pattern & techniques you have ! Will get to each in time ... :-)


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