Tuesday, 18 July 2017

frilly fan

Pattern is n.39 in "A Tatter's Workbook", author unknown. I've added another round, just rings and chains.

Thank you for your nice comments, of course Martha ( Martha's Tatting Blog ) guessed right! 😍

And - as promised - this is the backside of the tag for the hand dyed thread: by Tatskool. This is a gift from Fox, I had saved it for something special. Thank you dear Fox!

I've started another edging, this time pattern is from Priscilla #2, fig.13. I've changed it a little and will show you next week.
I've tatted during the way to and back Genova, where I went last weekend with my family for a short holiday. I met my dear friend Maria who lives there, she spoiled me with gifts: many spools of metallic thread and some 5gr. little and old white DMC n.70 balls (no more in production, now white n.70 is only sold as 20gr balls) and then she also gave me an absolutely lovely silver 925 pendant, handicraft from Campoligure. I've already got another old one, and you can see both in next picture, the old one is in the foreground:

Genova is a beautiful city, it is well worth a visit for more than one weekend, even it is a bit far from the usual trip proposed to tourists (you know, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples...). We've had three nice days with Maria and her husband and enjoyed every minute. In the next short video (3 seconds!) there's the fountain in Piazza de Ferrari:(video deleted, it doesn't work)

Piazza de Ferrari
via XX Settembre
Christopher Columbus House

tatting? LOL
In Palazzo Bianco there's a room with old lace (but no tatting), there were also needle lace pieces (Alencon) that called to my mind the tatting examples on the tulle that are in the booklet "Tatting" by Th. de Dillmont:

I'd have liked buying a catalogue of an exhibition held in 2006, "Gioielli di filo", but unfortunately it seems very hard to find. ( )

Genova is about 5 hours by train from Rome. But we were unlucky in the way back home, there was a big fire just an hour north Rome and the train stopped for hours (we started from Genova at midday), then at 6pm they moved hundreds of passengers in another train and left everybody in a small seaside town, then finally everything solved at 11pm and we could go to Rome, arriving at 1am and a couple of hours later we managed to be at home. Crazy night. Talking about fires, this is the worst summer I can remember. I'm really disheartened for they suspect arson as the probable cause, for almost all of them. Sigh.

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  1. Such an interesting post, thank you! Your fan is ultra elegant. There have been bad fires in South Africa too, not where I live, but near Cape Town. I think they were caused by lightning, but arson is often suspected.

  2. Exquisite ! I'm now a fan of your fan ;-P
    Love when you return from trips to share your bounty!
    And yes, we do tend to see tatting potential everywhere :-D

  3. Love the fan and your skills, that is very sad about the arson problem, is it extra dry where you live? We had a couple bad fires last year and it was very dry outside and they felt people didn't help with there careless smoking. Hope this ends soon always scary the threat of fire .

    1. Not that dry, really. Yes I hope that too.

  4. Love your fan, beautiful edging
    I love your brooch, I have a butterfly in silver similar design as your brooch brought in Italy
    What a journey glad you finally got back ok
    I am sure I have been to Genova many years ago

  5. The fan is lovely with that edging! Your trip to Genova looks very fun and the lace! Wow! Like you, I tend to see lace everywhere. I was in Naples (really Ercolano) last week and the fires on Vesuvius were pretty terrible as well. I'm so sorry for your country.

  6. Goodness, Nin! I sent you that thread YEARS ago! I cannot even remember when, nor can I recall the thread! Lovely tatting you have done with it. :))


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.