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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

old lovely square

I noticed this square only thanks to Moraih in Craftree. She shared the pattern as an alternative for the project tat a monument in pink by Cathy.

Cathy has extended the deadline to 30/3/2018! She wrote this in Facebook:
"If you'd like to share information outside FB, there is a Flickr album where translations and patterns are above other pictures. Don't be angry that I did not copy the textes. "

Remember that there's time till the end of march for sending your squares to Cathy. Anyway, I won't send these 2, I tatted them just because of the pattern, I couldn't resist!

I started from one little ring 6-6, then tatted the first inner ring as a mock ring and so the center with a second shuttle, leaving the bare thread to mimic a picot. The following 3 inner big rings are true rings. The outer rings are mock rings too, and I added 2 very small joining picots to keep them in position, something very useful that I learned from other tatters online.

Original pattern is from
published in 1935. I used size 80 dmc special dentelles, colours are grey number 762 and pink number 3608.



  1. Oh this has a pretty elegance to it🌿🌹🌿

  2. Beautiful!!! I have also made one such square but unable to find it now.

  3. Beautiful square, that square would look good joined together as a bookmark, I saw a bookmark made from the original pattern with two squares in a line done and a square at the end of the tail


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