Tuesday, 13 March 2018


A friend's given me a clear crystal, diamond shaped, asking for a bezel with tatting. The shape is odd and the "diamond" is lovely and sparkling. She's a very nice lady and I like challenges with tatting, so I've started the game 😍

The pattern is quite similar to the centre of the "Under an African Sky Doily" designed by Jane (  pattern's link is in her blog), a beautiful doily that I tatted in 2014.
I remember that I could tat the centre with interlocking SCMRs thanks to a tutorial posted by HisKid (Tatting Lace in Grace) here: Interlocking SCMRs
I hope to write down the stitches' count, before I forget!

During these last days I've been very busy with my friends of the local lace association, we are running an exhibition of original old lace from 1600 and 1700.
In a little corner there is also my little embroidered work, with knotting. I will share pics of that, in a week.



  1. That is indeed very sparkly. The interlocking SCMRs are a very nice touch, it is a pity they are at the back and not very visible...

  2. I love your pretty tatted piece!!! :)

  3. Waah! It's very cute. The design is good because the diamond has strong base below and beautiful look out side.

  4. Fabulous way to show off the crystal. Your exhibition sounds interesting.

  5. You are so creative. I think you rose to the challenge quite well!

  6. You are do a fabulous job, it's going to look wonderful when finished


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.