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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

cabochon with tds - part IV

This is only the rough idea, not a pattern. I've been tatting again onion rings with tds, and I found a version I feel it could be a possible one, intriguing, with tds inside and ds outside - but opposite, facing head-to-head:
a close up:

Then it happened that I pulled too much the second ring, and those 2 rings collapsed.
I thought it was a nice place where putting a bead, like when you are making a cabochon. I took one random stone and tried, I had to test tat a couple of rings more to find the right number of stitches, but it seems it could work.
treble tatting tds

Something to play with, again, definitely 😋

The shuttle you see in pictures, it is a shuttle made in USA, called "The Astro-Knot Tatting shuttle". It's a most welcome gift from the Colours' Fairy, Fox (tat-ology), she sent it a very long time ago! These shuttles are made one by one on a 3D printer! Thanks again, Fox!



  1. I have been following your new technique, yes I think it would work for a large bead or gem. I look forward to more for your ideas

  2. I love your idea!! Flat is looks super, and around the cabochon it's awesome!!!! :)

  3. Cool!!! Around the cabochon, it reminded me of my inverted tatting experiment. I'm guessing the tds will have more texture than the inverted tatting. Will try it some day.

  4. Thank you dears!
    Muskaan, I can't help thinking of the many possibilities, I can't wait to see what other's can do with the tds, I soon hope to see your and other tatters' experiments :-f :X


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