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Saturday, 7 July 2018

more ideas - part III

It's a nice surprise, discovering that the first very small picot of the tds can also be substituted by the picot from a previous element, just joined.

Here is the pattern:
Start as in SCMR, with a clip or taking the loop in your ring finger. Picots are small.
  1. SCMR: 5ds - 4ds, FR[6ds - 6ds], 3tds, FR[6ds - 6ds], 4ds - 5ds. Close the SCMR (I closed mine like in Fig.5 here:
  2. SCMR: 5ds, join to last picot of previous SCMR, 4ds, join to previous last FR, 3tds(⭐), FR[6ds - 6ds],4ds - 5ds. Close the SCMR.
  3. repeat step 2. for 3 more times
  4. SCMR: 5ds, join to last picot of previous SCMR, 4ds, join to previous last FR, 3tds(⭐), join to the very first FR, 4ds, join to the very first picot of the first SCMR, 5ds. Close the SCMR.
For the first treble in (⭐), I pulled up a loop of thread through the picot of the FR just joined (and then, as usual, take another loop of the ball thread and pull it through the previous loop). Please look at the next picture, I hope that it is clear, let me know.
Thread for that little motif is DMC ecrù size 40.

I also designed and tatted another motif, thread is DMC size 80, colour number 3778. The second last round, all tatted with treble tatting stitches in chains, looks very similar to that old patterns, where a round of double crochet (single crochet) was made over the previous round all picots, one crochet stitch in each picot - for example, there is one doily at page 132 of "A New Twist on Tatting: More Than 100 Glorious Designs" by Catherine Austin.

I love the fact that this motif can be just shuttle tatted, without resorting to do the crochet's stitches.

I'm playing with more ideas to show you, in the meantime happy tatting!


  1. Yes, that’s very clever. I remember seeing the crochet parts in Anna Burma. I’m going to try the technique when I’ve finished knitting.

  2. Love it !!! Love the possibilities. 👍👍👍
    Perhaps I can use the all tds round in one of the round robin doilies.
    Eager to see more ideas :-D

  3. Wow, wow, wow! This is so exciting, I bet it's like when people realized you could join elements with a hook instead of tying them together! Beautiful!

  4. You are so very creative!!! I love your treble tatting pieces!!! :)
    That last one is gorgeous!!!! :)

  5. Your new technique is amazing! I'm glad you and other tatters are experimenting with it and finding new tweaks and uses. Thank you so much for sharing this!


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.