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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

an old thread

quad_12 by ninettacaruso
quad_12, a photo by ninettacaruso on Flickr.
That is another square, this time I've used an old ecrù thread which I found in my stash ... I can't remember how many time it's been stored, but it's still clean to be used. It's size 50, "made in Croatia", simply called "cordonnet", 100% cotton. I like the final result, this cotton is soft and fluent, maybe it'd be worth to continue with other squares, at least 4 more.
Questa è un'altra piastrella, stavolta ho usato un gomitolo ecrù che avevo da parecchio ... non so dire da quanto, ma è ancora bello pulito per essere usato. E' un filo numero 50, "made in Croatia", la dicitura sulla targhetta dice solo "cordonnet", 100% cotone. Mi piace il risultato, questo filo è morbido e scorrevole, forse val la pena fare qualche altra piastrella, almeno altre 4.

Maybe you've been guessing what it's happened with the "under construction" doily. I've tatted some flowers to be attached around the central round, and they're ready to be pin together over the polar grid, as I need to figure out how to join all different parts.
I usually draw my grids with Inkscape, but there's a site where you can print a lot of different grids for free: Printable Paper's Free Graph
Forse vi siete chiesti cosa è successo al centrino "under construction". Ho fatto dei fiorellini che voglio attaccare attorno al giro centrale, e ora sono pronti per essere spillati sul foglio con le guide, visto che ho bisogno di capire come unire tutte le parti insieme.
Di solito le griglie le preparo da me, con Inkscape, ma se vi serve, ci sta un sito con delle griglie stampabili gratuitamente: Printable Paper's Free Graph Paper



  1. I like the layered look of your square motifs.

  2. Your square motifs are stunning and gorgeous!!! :)
    Can't wait to see your other doily when it's finished!! :)

  3. Thank you very much, I love playing with the squared shape, it seems to me like a "folded edging", and it could be evolved to other shapes as well, like snowflakes. I promise you a pattern also for this square, as time permits.
    Kisses and hugs,

  4. beautiful work, and I to like that thread it is soft and feels good!


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