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Monday, 16 December 2013

Pretty clear. Or not?

Here's a list of clues:
  • it could be a toy, for tatters - obviously ;
  • it could be appreciated by teachers, math kind of tatting teachers;
  • it could be framed or quilted, it's not 3D tatting;
  • there will be 2 more pieces only.
Anyway, I think it's pretty clear, now. Or not?

Una lista di indizi:
  • potrebbe essere un giochino, per chiacchierine - ovviamente;
  • potrebbe essere apprezzato dagli insegnanti, specie quelli di chiacchierino con inclinazioni matematiche;
  • potrebbe essere incorniciato o cucito, non è in 3D;
  • ci saranno solo altri due pezzetti.
Coimunque, mi sembra abbastanza chiaro adesso. O no?

In the next picture there's the ball tatted with a pattern by Janemactats, you can find it at this link. Mine has been washed with a super heavy soap, that it shrank. (Thread dmc white n.80)
Nella foto seguente la pallina di Janemactats, lo schema sta qui. La mia è stata lavata con un sapone troppo aggressivo e si è ristretta! (filo: dmc bianco n. 80)


  1. No, not clear at all!!!! This is as intriguing as a TIAS!!! I think it's going to be some sort of garment. Probably a bikini bottom? Hope it's not long before the big reveal!!!

    1. Thank you a lot Mrs Jane but it's not a bikini... I hope you will forgive me, at the end!

    2. Trust Jane to suggest a bikini bottom! : ))

      It looks like a sand timer to me, but I know it isn't that. I have no idea what it is. Pretty though.
      Fox. : )

    3. Well, Ninetta, it's such fun guessing and it does look like a bikini bottom to me!!!! I will certainly forgive you because I'm really, really enjoying guessing. Fox - I think I'm just longing for warm weather!!!

  2. Not clear to me! But I do like your Christmas bauble, glad to see someone using my pattern.


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