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Monday, 31 March 2014

uncountable worrisome situations

I'm not that kind of person who is used to wishing for things, I'm happy with what I have and I feel embarrassed when someone asks me what he/she can buy for me as a present. But, just as a dream, I really wish I had the power of multiply myself, I'd absolutely love to use that power in everyday life!
In last post I wrote "The total number of ds it is 30". What a worrisome situation! I become discouraged in front of countable/uncountable nouns! I must improve my English, it needs to be done urgently. The fact is that there are 30 ds in total, but I don't know if there is or there are a total number of 30 ds... Well. It's better to avoid big rings :(

WIP update: I tatted 25 squared motifs and I'm on the edging. The idea is to recall the connection shape of the square and tat a second round to the edging, without any more hearts, which are extremely worrisome to iron!
Then, there're those little yellow flowers. They are both my attempt to start a doily designed by Jane, many many thanks to her for the pattern and many thanks to Sue, too, for her helpful tutorial here.

HW for the designer class: I still don't have a bunny, but a bunch of patterns that can be tested as earrings. What do you think?

The silk is ready to be tested, white and shining, isn't it? The worrisome situation is that I have to unwind the loose ball again!

Other projects on-going: a bag, that's going to be made with an absolutely wonderful gobelin fabric, full covered of butterflies; a necklace with beads (the one I started before Xmas), 2 hankies. And the chores, argh!

Sono il tipo di persona che si accontenta di ciò che ha e non desidera altro, se qualcuno mi chiede esplicitamente cosa vorrei per regalo, mi sento sempre in imbarazzo. Ma c'è una cosa che chiederei volentieri al genio della lampada: il potere di moltiplicarmi, da usare ovviamente in ogni momento della giornata! Nell'ultimo post ho fatto un "errorone" in inglese, mi lascio scoraggiare da certe parti della grammatica che sembrano molto lontane dall'italiano. Devo migliorare il mio inglese, URGE! Aggiornamento sul centrino quadrato: ho fatto 25 piastrelline e sono passata al bordo. Penso di aggiungere un secondo giro, ma senza cuori, che sono uno strazio da stirare! Poi ci sono quei fiorellini gialli: sono l'inizio di un centrino creato da Jane, la ringrazio tantissimo e ringrazio anche Sue per suo il tutorial.  Compitini della classe online: ancora non ho un coniglietto ma ho un mucchietto di idee che devono essere provate e che potrebbero andare bene per farne orecchini.  Che ne dite? La seta è pronta, bianca e luccicante! Ma la devo rimettere sull'arcolaio, vedremo... Altri progetti in corso: una borsa, da fare con un bellissimo taglio di gobelin, con un sacco di farfalline; una collana di perline (quella iniziata prima di Natale), 2 fazzolettini. E le faccende! Argh!!!


  1. The earring drawings look great,
    The motifs are coming along brilliantly,
    You have a knack of designing some wonderful patterns

  2. There are never enough hands or enough hours in a day! But you look as though you're making do with the hands and hours you have in a very good way.

  3. I recoiled in horror thinking about winding that skein of silk!!! Bonne chance! I would NOT be happy to attend to that chore. : ))

  4. Your mat is so beautiful!!! :)
    And great little yellow flowers!!! :)

  5. Beautiful tatting so well done, I know what you mean, so much to do so little time :(


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