Monday, 12 May 2014

tatting break

In order to recovery from the amnesia status, I decided to switch back to sewing. I fell in love with all those butterflies! And I'm proud of my new bag for my bobbin lace's pillow. I started from this tutorial, but then I had to adapt the size, I've also changed something on both sides and I've added a zip. (Do you like roses? I do, and my DH knows it! He's romantic, isn't he?)

Good news is that, while sewing, I could remember quad 19, not exactly but almost that pattern. I'm playing a little with that, I think the second one is better, both in pattern and colours. I don't know if it's original, but I haven't copied it. You'll see more in a week.

I've bought those little glass baubles, they have two holes, could be used as pendant, they've attracted me so much because they're perfect to be covered with tiny tatting thread! So, you'll find here something rounded, in the coming future...

If you want, you can give to my little pink pig Ping a trial: I've uploaded the pattern on flickr.

maialino ping



  1. Quad 19 is very elegant!!! :)

  2. very beautiful tatting as always seen on your blog and thank you for the little piggy pattern he is a cutie!

  3. Lovely frog, will be trying it, also beautiful bag for the lace pillow, should keep it clean and safe.

  4. Such pretty fabric! Yes, a break can be just what's needed.

  5. Ciao Ninetta,

    come posso ringraziarti, il maialino è fantastico, mi farai fare un figurone!!!

    Grazie, grazie, grazie!!!

  6. Lovely work! Those clunies look immaculate... and of course I downloaded your pink pig pattern. Thanks! :-)


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