Wednesday, 28 May 2014

twin beads again

I'm still on experimenting with super-duo twin beads: now that I got the hang of it, I can say something more to you too. These beads have 2 holes, I use them loading what I need onto the shuttle thread and put them as normally done with beads in picots. Then, for example during a second round, I place the second hole "over" a picot where a join is needed. See this page to revise beaded tatting.
I'm planning to write a tutorial, but you know that I'm a lazy kind of designer, so you should be patient with me!
bracciale superduo

Local news: last Sunday I went to a lacemakers' meeting, mostly for bobbin lace makers, but I had also the opportunity to see other type of lace, like macramè or netting by women from Bosa (you can read this great post by Jeanine: Sardinian Bosa Filet Lace , so well written, as usual).
I was soooo happy that I met a new tatting friend, too! She was teaching how to needle tatting to another woman and then she learned how to tat clunies! It's fantastic! I'm looking forward to another meeting that will be held in July!


P.S. How do you stay updated with your activity on the blogsphere? I mean, how do you know when someone is replying to a comment you did in someone else blog? I think that I'm confusing Blogger and FB, right?


  1. Wow Ninetta, I'm blown away by your bracelet, it's fabulous! I'll have to look out for those twin beads, they sound intriguing.

  2. Your jewelry is incredible love it!

  3. That looks impressive, but I still don't understand the twin beads.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous bracelet Ninetta! I've been using twin beads in beaded jewellery but not tried them with tatting yet.

  5. Thank you so much, I love all your comments!

  6. Dear Ninetta, I just won the bracelet like this that you donated to the Palmetto Tat Days auction. Amazing work,so tiny and perfect. Thank You!


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.