Monday, 30 June 2014

adopt a little trifle, please!

I've loved the tutorial posted by Robin Perfetti in her blog, she gave us plenty of inspiration! I played as a kid! I've played for hours with the app she talks about, then I've looked for others, similar apps.

I've found another one that is called Kaleider Free (by Whizical), and it works transforming pictures. I've started with one doodle drawn with the Kaleidoscope application suggested by Robin, the one showed in the previous post, then I've saved it as an image and loaded it in the Kaleider app. It lets you play with many different kaleido effects and, after one hour - yes, you got it: over one hour! - I obtained 25 acceptable screenshots. I selected only 5 among that, because I think they are the most "tat-able". You should choose one and adopt it. Eventually, let me know if it will even become a real tatting.
Are you inspired?



  1. Beautiful play
    I'll adopt the model no. 4, but do not know when I'll get to work.

  2. I like 2, but can not see how to get the square points to it at all? I did see her sight too and glad to see you being creative with it!

  3. Thank you Carollyn. Actually that's how you can play with it, transform it or try to do exacly the same. Anyway, have you seen this?

  4. Yes, I follow her blog and watched the whole thing and downloaded her snowflake she made, and love it! But I have to put this on a "back burner" as they say. I have started many projects I need to end, and I promised some people some shuttles that I keep putting off and need to get around to as well :)

  5. I also like picture 2. Can more than one person adopt the same picture?

    1. Thank you! Why not? It will be fun if you will come out with different tatted pieces! I'm pretty sure you will! Hugs.

  6. Hi Ninetta,
    I'm glad that you have been inspired, and also that you have found ways to expand upon the idea! The combination of Apps looks like it would be good for designing tablecloths, or you could just use the middle portion for bracelets and bookmarks. I, too, have spent hours making can be very addicting :)

  7. They inspire me to paint little square tiles. To put on a bathroom wall, for instance. To tat, i prefer #1.


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