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Monday, 23 June 2014

ain't got no

I hesitated before posting again because I thought "ain't got no" new tatting to show you. Have you ever listen the song? It's something lovely that can make your day: Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life

But I've tatted, indeed!

I've tatted some tiny motifs with my "butterfly on trefoil", to be used on July, as little rewards: in fact, there will be a meeting of lacemakers in my town, and I offered to teach how to tat. I hope that someone come and want to learn how to tat my little butterflies!

 Then I've played around the little glass bauble. Recently, a friend lets me take photocopies of her mother's old "il chiacchierino n.1". There are some nice little motifs, for example there's one that is often seen these days, a diamond pattern with 4 trefoils facing outside, a "never-out-of-fashion" appeal! There's also the classic wheel pattern found in Elgiva Nicholls' book "Tatting - technique and history". I used that basic pattern for the bottom and added only another round of rings. Thread is dmc, gold n.282 and red Special Dentelles wound up together (HWT, as it's called by Jane Eborall).

Initially I thought about a single post, but realized it's better to divide photos in groups. So, my "ain't got no" became "I've got more"! Absolutely true, we've got our hands!


P.S. if you are near Rome in July and want to come and join the fun, here's the link to the attendance -only Italian- form (relax, there's nothing to be payed!):


  1. I hope you have a great day teaching and have many people wanting to learn, please let us know how you get on and share some photos.

    1. yes, I hope that I will have photos to share! It will be on the second weekend of July.

  2. Looks like lots of pretty tatting!!! :)


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