Wednesday, 25 June 2014

an old friend

I haven't done bobbin lace for ages, but (perhaps, thanks to my new bag for the bobbin lace's pillow) I felt I should have had to brush up on it.

I did the most part very late at night, so I'm not showing all the aargh and the grrr!! Then, I resolved to call my friend Cristina, a very talented artist, who solved all my doubts. That is the result of weeks of attempts! Not so much, but I'm happy and determined to make another pair or two! I've drawn the pattern too, because that is a nice peculiarity of this kind of bobbin lace: when you learn it, you also learn to design your own patterns. Well, I know, I need practice with that.

That ring has been done with left overs. I leave thread on shuttles (laziness?) and try to use all the thread left on them for test tatting. This time it comes out something that asked me to be used ... Thread is silk (seta Faro) and DMC n.282 gold metallic woven together in one shuttle, pattern is only rings. Stones are agate.



  1. Wonderful one day I will learn bobbin lace. Your ring is fantastic too love the design!

  2. Pretty earrings, nice ring and nice practice pieces!! :)

  3. Love your bobbin lace! Nice spider!!

    1. Thank you! Nice but not easy as tatting!! :))


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