Friday, 27 June 2014

up to you

That is another one bracelet with superduo, may be the second last, as I've almost run out all beads I had. I've memory of another one little packet in a deep side somewhere, then I've already started the hunt.
From now on, it's up to you: I wonder if anyone has found superduo ?!?
I've used for about one year the method of finishing with SSSR. If you don't know about it, you'll be happy to read this great tutorial: thank you, Miranda!
In the little picture you can see that I'd only left a short end, but no panic: I've made a loop with another thread, inserted it in an empty shuttle and worked the second part of the sssr. At the end, you'll have only a little loop of thread to work with, but the ring will be closed nicely!
Thread is dmc metallic n.283 worked together with the white silk I've bought some month ago, made in Calabria.

I've something else to say, about a wonderful tutorial by Robin Perfetti, but I'll tell you next time.


  1. This is wonderful, and love the little butterfly under the scissors too!

  2. thank you Carollyn, if you like it, there's a better picture here:

  3. ciao, i tuoi lavori sono meravigliosi..
    sono diventata tua nuova follower, se ti fa piacere passa a trovarmi...

  4. Your bracelet is gorgeous!!! Great design!!! :)

  5. The bracelet is lovely and the beads are very different and go so well, hope you find the other packet!

  6. Beautiful bracelet, lovely pattern, hope you can find some more

  7. Thank you so much, dear friends!


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.