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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

close shave

It's a pity to restart again, isn't it? I'm not so brave and I've also noted that I should have changed the size of picots among rings of the same cluster. About choosing between enchantment or witchcraft, in this moment I lean toward witchcraft!

Then, here I've one picot more than what I needed.
Cut the fourth picot
 Remove ds 
hide ends with the help of a needle ...
or with help of a crochet hook.

shave "whiskers"

Unfortunately, I've not yet finished to recover all flaws. That one is the very starting ring of the second round. Maybe it's better to pretend nothing happened and re-tat it again as the last ring.

Yes, I was aware of how it's easy to get wrong with this pattern, last year I followed the master tatter Fox with bated breath! (



  1. You are much too generous with your words!

    My piece is loaded with mistakes. The work has so few negative spaces in the design that mistakes arevirtually impossible to easily see. What worries me is that if the piece were to be used and washed repeatedly, it would fall apart! : ))

  2. It certainly is a very tricky pattern!


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