Thursday, 17 July 2014


There's another useful link for this doily: it's a file prepared by Patty Dowden that could be found at this page
It's very well diagrammed, I find it very easy to follow. Thanks! Wonderful!

But! The chains have a different stitch count!

Plus: I found a beautiful site by an australian tatter, another master tatter I think, who tatted the doily a dozen years ago:
(Sorry for the .it but I'm not sure that it's ok everywhere! Ah! Uncertainty...) Then go to her page "doilies". She writes that used 5-5 for chains...

Then I'm no more so confident on picots' size, neither. Look at the red circled part: I would have done shorter picots to give more stability. I'm not yet convinced that picots could work all of the same size. I'm not sure , but...

There's also a little ruffle in this fourth round! 
Oops, no no, it is the third!


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