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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Semiserious list - for my personal use only -

Just in case I'd tat another mystery doily, this is a list of my dos and don'ts.

1) follow the pattern
2) follow the same pattern choosen in point 1)
3) take your time and plenty of patience. As Jane said, that should have been called "the Patience Doily".
4) print a polar grid, it should have at least 8 sections.
5) better to keep picots' size the same along rings. I noted imperfections in my doily due to a wrong choice in the first 2 rounds. That's not true for chains, at least for me.
6) go visiting aunts. Even if they haven't a solution, they have always nice words for you.
7) RELAX! They're only ring and chains, after all.

1) follow the pattern. Experimenting is the greatest part of the fun.
2) be negative. It's very easy to make mistakes with this pattern. But, again, learn from inspirational and supportive aunts: try to go further.
3) put the doily inside a box for a while. That's worthless, even if the box is pyramidal.
4) start 2 mystery doilies in the same month. The great mystery is that the second will turn out VERY different from the first one (refer to point 1).



  1. What a fun post! And now you have a Mystery Doily square motif. Good job! :-)

  2. I enjoyed your post, lovely dos and do nots. Not sure about starting two at the same time, But you have hit the nail on the head, always take your time and enjoy.

  3. Margaret is correct - as she usually is! Lovely post, Ninetta.
    Fox : )

  4. Ninetta,why is your blog called 'facilissimo'? Thank you for the good advice!

    1. Hello Tally, I'm happy to "see" you, I coudn't find your blog lately, the link I had doesn't work :( ... Anyway, facilissimo means very easy, that is: tatting is fun, relax, passion, easy to do... You only need time!

  5. This is beautiful and great tips you are so good at tatting and helpful, Some how I missed this blog and it did not show up!


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