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Monday, 13 October 2014

Tour de force

I haven't tatted for two days, that's because I attended a class of Sardinian Bosa filet lace, a type of embroidery on a handmade net. We were a big group, about 20 people; 3 teachers came from Bosa for the weekend, carrying all what we'd have needed: threads, needles, frames.

It's been very engaging and demanding from the beginning, but I reassured myself when the teacher explained how they start with a node they call "attacco" in Italian, that means attachment/join. I had just recognized a familiar ds!

Time flew, we had a wonderful weekend together, teachers (Vittoria, Mimma and Lourdes) are so nice people, others in the group are all people belonging to our local association. At the end, tired but happy, we took a photo to be shared with friends!

(An update, to add a link to a lovely video, "giovanna ledda lacemaker in bosa", a 92 years old lacemaker: )

Postscript: if you download a photo from any place in internet and put it on facebook, the photos are uploaded to the domain Then the photo becomes a copy and the original site link is lost. So, please take always a note of the original source too, we all want to share eyecandies on pinterest, but the original link should be protected. Sorry to say this, but I've found too many broken links on pinterest that I'm sad now and I think to leave it.


  1. In search for a new claffemge, I like it! It will let some beautiful traces in your tatting designing..

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend, we would love to see your work please

    1. ty Margaret, I shared a photo of that work on facebook, if you look at the right under the fb preview you'd be able to make out a squared motif.

  3. Oh this looks very nice, you are lucky to have been a part of this class and you are so talented can't wait to see more of your work!


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