Sunday, 16 November 2014

fior di filet - Part 3

The last chain of the block tatting has been blocked with a lock join (with the green thread) just in the middle between two blocks. I didn't reverse work but I did a shoelace trick to switch shuttle and change the color. Here is the corner:

Chain*: 7-5
Ring: 3+(to last picot of last ring of the trefoil)3+(to central picot of last ring of the trefoil)3-3
Chain: 3
Ring: 3+(to previous ring)6-6-3
Chain: 2
Ring: 3+(to previous ring)9-9-3
Chain: 2
Ring: 3+(to previous ring)6-6-3
Chain: 3
Ring: 3+(to previous ring)3-3-3
Chain: 5+(to the first Chain*)7

I did a normal join in the middle of two block, then reversed work.

Then I started another chain of 6ds, that became part of the next block of block tatting.
After making the trefoil motif, here is a picture that show where I shuttle joined the last chain of the block:

Then I went on with corners and sides ...
...till the last corner. The first ring of the trefoil is joined to the last ring of the corner in its first and second picots.

To finish, I blocked ends passing the green thread under the bare thread left (in the "first" round) while joining the last block to the point between the very first ring and chain.

Well, that's all. I'll be so happy if you like it, first because I had fun challenging me to mimic the filet and tatting it and second because I loved sharing this fun with you.



  1. Very nice direction and great picture too! Thank You

  2. Thank you so much, Ninetta, for these excellent instructions & pattern. Very cleverly made square & I will definitely try it some time.

  3. Thank you for your nice comments :)

  4. Mi piace veramente tanto, proverò a riprodurla.

    1. Grazie Carla, e conoscendo le tue capacità, non avrai problemi!


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