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Thursday, 16 April 2015

tips off and top-secrets

I'm a follower of Muskaan's T*I*P*S blog, and you can imagine how happy I was, reading that she found the time to play with those curled - or folded - rings that I showed in my previous post.

I finished the bookmark of the month, tatted in dmc size 80 thread.
segnalibro-aprile, a photo by ninettacaruso on Flickr

I wonder how it would have been tatting without so many people that generously share their work online. I've learned a lot from online classes, videos, sites, blogs... A big hug to all my web-teachers!

There're a lot of wonderful laces almost disappeared now, just because who could work it didn't share it.

I found an amazing site with a little known type of needle lace, hungarian, named "Halas Lace".
It's gorgeous, impressive, and .. oh well, you can add many more pretty adjectives, if you have a look at this site:

What captured my attention was a phrase that I found in this site:

"The needlework of Halas Lace is top secret; only a few, eleven in number, women and girls in Kiskunhalas know it at all times."


Csipkevarrók Kiskunhalas 1


  1. Very pretty use of your new idea!

  2. Spectacular !!! And you've used them in the tail, too :-)
    I like the term "curled" rings - they do curl around another element in your bookmark !

    I totally agree with you about sharing. I have had this beef about Indians in general (though the internet is now changing that) - they don't want to share ... for them info or knowledge is 'power'. I hold a diametrically opposite view - the more you share, the more you learn, the more knowledge, skill, creativity, inventiveness grows & all in a healthy competitive environment.
    I tatted for 20 years (all alone) & my tatting remained stagnant. And in the last year & half I have learned soooo much that I didn't even know existed or was possible !!!
    So pass it forward always :-)

    That Hungarian Halas lace is a masterpiece !

    1. Thank you for your tips!

      It was not easy to understand what beef was for! Look at my English! I'm a little intermediate student! Poor thing! :-)) lol!
      Thank you, I think it's clear now!! (Thank to the internet too!)

    2. Ninetta, you are Not an intermediate student !!! You have an excellent grasp & intuition. It's simply that idioms & certain phrases/usages are very culture-specific or in any case so much more difficult to grasp in a 2nd language. It comes with more exposure & experience .... :-D

  3. Awesome and gorgeous bookmark!!!! :)

  4. I love that layered look, it's on my to-do list! Yes, I've never understood the wish to keep things secret, because if I learn from you, I do things in my own way, the craft develops and we all benefit. I think the internet is just wonderful for enabling us to learn from and inspire each other. Am off to check out the link, thanks.

  5. Bookmark is amazing piece! Love the folded over element. I must try it.

    1. Thank you! Please, I can't wait!
      Ops! Maybe someone needs a pattern, gosh!

  6. Ninetta
    Gracias por compartir tus secretos.
    Para la tarea del mes de Mayo te he destacado en mi Pag. de Frivolite en Español, con tu genial tecnica del ANILLO DOBLADO.
    Y uno de los mensajes es el de Georgia para ti.
    Ninetta, this is fascinating. May I introduce it to the Online Tatting Class? Could you stop by to guest teach?




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