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Saturday, 2 May 2015

part I - pattern for the doily

I had almost forgotten my doily, the one showed here:
It's been on my patterns-to-be-written-list for a year now, so I think its right name could be "forget-me-not"!

This is the central round. It's a round with 8 little daisy, each one it is 4 rings and 2 SR. All beads - if you like adding them - are loaded in the second shuttle.

Start with a ring R:3-3-3-3. I put there a loop for the magic trick (for hiding one end).
Then another 2 rings, all rings here are 3-3-3-3.
Then start a split ring but tat only the first part: 3ds, picot, 3ds. I put there another magic loop for the end.

Add another colour. This is optional 'cause obviously you could choose to work CTM instead, all in one colour. But I like the effect that a contrasting hue gives to the center. I added a second thread, hiding the end inside, so tat in reverse 3ds, picot (or bead in picot), 3ds. Beads are optional, too.

Close the SR.

4. Second daisy:
SR: 3-3/3-3
I put a bead before starting the SR and another bead in the picot.
Then 4 normal rings with first shuttle. The first ring is joined to the previous fourth:
R: 3+(to SR) 3+(to previous daisy fourth ring) 3-3
R: 3+(previous ring) 3-3-3. Repeat another two times.
SR: 3+(previous ring)3 / 3+(previous SR) 3.

This daisy motif has to be repeated 8 times for the center and 6 times for little motifs around petals. In a next post I'll show you how I close the round of daisy.

Oh, and I almost forgot this:

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pattern, Ninetta :-) It is a spectacular doily, with interesting techniques & shape ! We won't be forgetting it in a hurry ;-D


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