Tuesday, 5 May 2015

part III - pattern for the doily

The second round has petals with a hairpin lace effect. Actually they are split rings with long picots, all of the same size, 1/2", I used as gauge a plastic collar stiffener that it's used in men's shirts.

This round has been done with 2 shuttles wound CTM.

Start from the red point in the picture, with a normal ring, 3ds, normal picot, 3ds, very small picot, 3ds, normal picot, 3ds, close.

Every ring it's 3-3-3-3, every split ring it's 3-3/3-3.

Start the little daisy joined to the central rounded motif:
1. Split ring
2. Normal ring, join first picot to last in previous SR
3. Normal ring, join to previous ring and to central motif, see picture
4. Another normal ring joined to previous ring and to central motif
5. Normal ring, join only to previous ring
6. Split ring, join both side to previous ring and to the first SR.

Then follow 4 split rings with normal picots.

The part that follow is for the curve, that's a bit tricky, I took a lot of pics so I though to have another post for this.


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