Tuesday, 12 May 2015

part V - threads too short to be used

One friend I've known for about four years is a tatter. She learned tatting from her mum, who died around her 90s, I can't exactly remember what her age was. She told me that her mum tatted till four days before she left this world. When they went to tidy up her tatting stuff, they found a box with this text on:

"Threads too short to be used".

A very organized Lady! So, after the cut and tie part for my doily, and laughing at myself for my little bunch of cut threads, I resolved it's time to give it to the birds outside...

Third round of the doily:
It will connect the central flower to the 8 round yellow motifs.

Start from the left in the picture:
Ring1: 6ds, join to the middle long picot of a petal, 6ds, close.
Chain1: 18ds.
Ring2: 6ds, join to next long picot of the petal, 6ds, close.
Chain2: 12ds, join the round motif (look at picture), 4ds.
Ring3: 6ds, join to next  long picot of the petal, 6ds, close.
Chain3: 10ds, join next picot of the yellow motif, 4ds.
Ring4: 6ds, join to next long picot of the petal, 4ds, picot, 2ds, close.
Ring5: 2ds, join to Ring4, 10ds, join to two petals taking 2long picots from the next petal and 2 long picots from current petal; 10ds, picot, 2ds, close.
Ring6: 2ds, join to previous Ring5, 4ds, join next long picot of the second petal, 6ds, close.

Pattern continues mirroring the other side: Chain3 mirrored, Ring3, Chain2 mirrored, Ring2, Chain1, Ring1. That is repeated all around petals.

Don't cut the thread at the end of this round, because it will be used to climb up to the last row.



  1. Looks as if you have a lovely garden growing there, Ninetta! The winged ones will love your colourful contribution to their housing schemes. : ))

    1. Yes! :-) (there's some canadian contribution too!) Goodmorning!

  2. Your doily is coming along beautifully. Much more sensible to give the 'threads too short to be used' to the birds!

  3. You do such nice work and love to see how you organize all those tiny pieces.

    1. Thanks Carollyn, you see I'm using your pins!

  4. That looks so unique!!! :) Can't wait to see it finished!! :)

  5. Birds are going to have a field day in at least 2 continents ! In Madtatter80's flower posts & yours ;-P Just hope they don't get naughty & start knotting ... where will we be then ?!

    1. :-)) that's funny, there's already the weaverbird, the tatterbird could be next evolution!!


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