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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

part VI - only one more

I've only this post and I'll stop posting about the forget-me-not doily, only one more round and forget it! May I show you the finished doily? Only one more post/pic then? Thank you for bearing with me...

The other day I was surprised by that four-leaved clover in one of my flower-pots! No teasing and no glue up there! So unusual! I think the clover wanted to say "only one more" too!

Last round:
1 - Climb up to the last round with a SR: 3-3/3-3
2 - tat another SR: 3-3/3-3, then another one but this time the second picot it's a long one, I used the 1/2" plastic stick horizontally
3- then tat 4 SR more, these SR are all equal: 3-3/3-3, they're all the same all around

Then start the first little daisy (there are 3 daisy around each yellow flower):

4&5 - one SR, then with SH1 one Ring joining the first picot to previous SR (all rings are all 3-3-3-3, so I won't repeat this again), then another ring joining the first picot to previous ring and the central picot to the yellow flower, then another Ring just the same

5 - with SH2 one Ring (you would reverse work here, tat the ring then reverse again to continue)

6 - with SH1 one SR, joining both side to previous rings. Then 3 SR, then start another SR (part of next little daisy), with SH1 one ring joined to previous ring and to the yellow flower, then with SH1 another similar ring. With SH2 (reverse work) 2 rings. (Reverse work again) Tat the last SR of the little daisy.

7 - continue with 3 SR (with SH1), another daisy mirroring that one in pics 4&5, then four SR again. Part between yellow flowers: tat one SR with a long picot on the flipped side (the same gauge, 1/2" plastic stick used horizontally), then another SR with normal picots.
Then to connect this SR chain to previous round: one Ring, join the central picot to previous round at the base of the central ring just over the petal. Then with SH1, without reverse work, one SR joined to previous SR with normal picots and another SR joined in its not-flipped side to previous SR with the long picot. Then 4 SR more.

Restart from pic 4, all around the contour.



  1. Replies
    1. It is lucky for it, to be born in my pot! I don't pull out the weeds! :))

  2. this looks so fine and delicate you are the perfect person for this, because you are so careful and your so talented! And looks like you have luck too :)

    1. Thank you! I've suspended the last round for a week, it's going to be posted another bookmark...

  3. I love bookmarks ! And am wondering whether it has something to do with flowers & fruits & twigs ;-P ???

    Lovely 4-leaf clover :-) I agree - some weeds are so pleasing - miniature versions of flowers & leaves .... And the dried ones are great to glue on greeting cards, etc.

    Waiting to see the finished picture of the doily . It looked Gorgeous in the red & white you made earlier.

  4. Yup! Fruits! I've eaten all the prototypes! ;-P


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