Thursday, 11 June 2015

better late than never

Only 3 flowers more and I'll finish this round. Then there are 2 rounds of chains and it will be done.

But I'm absolutely unsatisfied with the closure, too bulcky... Ahh! Mr. Meticulous! Go away!!

I remember that Edda Guastalla once showed in facebook her method to add the second colour at the start. I usually follow Jane Eborall's method (2nd thread added at the base of the ring, without knots), anyway I thought that Edda's way could have been used to refine the join at the end, instead of being used at the start. She leaves a loop at the start where she inserts the second thread.

I've tatted the flower stand alone as much as possible, then, after 6 petals (and one hour!! I was fast this time) it's time to attach it to the biggie.

I've been using the suspended chain method to hide the core thread. Then I have a loop that it's  being inserted in the starting left loop. Blocked the SSSCH with the ball thread, then I pulled first the core thread then the starting loop. I left a long tail to the ball thread because I sewed it on the back.

I'm a little happier now. I've learned a bit more with this doily.

Have you seen? I've learned FS/BS tatting, too! Better late than never!



  1. I love the colors you are dealing with and the instruction are very fascinating, to where I have to revisit your pictures, I rarely use a ball method and attach with needle threaded to shuttle thread.

    1. Your tatting is beautiful Carollyn, never never seen a bulcky end in your pics! I use both, for ex. I'm using the ball for the round below, with chains only.

  2. Okay, if I understand correctly, the loop at the start is, or at least Acts like the magic thread/loop, to pull in the tail , right ?
    You have combined 2 methods here : the magic thread/loop & the SSSCh (Frivole's) .
    Clever :-)) Thanks for sharing this.

    And congrats on FS/BS tatting :-) I find that it has a dual advantage especially when working with 2 colours. I don't have to think of the join - up or down. The tatting itself solves that for me, by reminding me of the half stitch sequence ;-P

    1. Yes and no... The loop at the start is not completely pulled out like the magic loop but remains doubled inside the ring, it's just used to block the loop coming from the chain. I know, sorry, it's my complicated mind...

    2. Rethink... Probably you were right, if I had inserted the shuttle inside the loop, before starting the sssch... I should try it...


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