Friday, 28 August 2015

3rd row for Priscilla

That is the "detailed" instruction for the third round of the Priscilla's hanky:
"Like 2d row, except that the insertion is put outside the row of wheels."

That 3rd row is tatted outside the row of wheels, while the 2nd was entirely inside. The instructions for the 2nd row were a sort of joke, so I puzzled over it a little before finding a solution for the 3rd.
We tatters of the third millennium, we have the power of technology, phones with camera and great apps! I folded what I'd already done in half, then took a shot:

Then, here I am, at this point:

That is at page 12 of Priscilla Tatting Book #1 (1909), picture 30.



  1. Wow! This is an epically beautiful piece!

  2. A true work art and thank you so much for clarifying this piece. I was trying that with the baby bonnets, and some other items that are beautiful, yet many are afraid to attempt them because of the way the instructions are written.
    hug from Carollyn

  3. More 'aunt's recipes'! You're doing a fantastic job.

  4. Thank you, I forget to write the ds count for the wheel. I'll add it to the first post about this edging.A similar pattern there is at pag 8, fig. 23, it's another beautiful edging, the most clear and useful info there it is "press the work with a damp cloth over it", I've heard my mum/aunts saying exactly the same words!

  5. Incredible - the speed at which you are going !!! It looks really good with the 3rd row added. Please don't hold a survey - it will be very difficult to choose.


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