Wednesday, 12 August 2015

lazy patterns' saga - quad_24

It's continuing the saga of my lazy way to share patterns!

Here it is the stitches' count for the square that's named "quad_24". Still in reserch of something to be used for a wedding rings' pillow, I've tatted again that square. I had forgot how it's easy to make mistakes with everything connected to the "mystery doily"! The first square I've tatted is a mess, no pictures, actually it wasn't tatting but a waltzer: two steps forward, one step back, retrotatting. I've not finished one after two hours!

A better photo than this one, it is in the set " granny squares" in flickr.

All short chains between rings are 3 ds. All little rings are 3-3-3-3, big rings are 9-5-9.
All long "S" chains are:
- coming from internal cluster of ring: 6ds, join to previous "S" chain, 6ds, normal picot, 6ds, lock join to last picot of previous ring, , reverse work, 3ds, normal picot, 7ds.
- coming from outside to internal cluster of rings: 7ds, join to previous "S" chain,3 ds, leave space for a picot, first half of ds, 1ds, reverse work, adjust last ds and do 5ds more, join to last picot of previous ring, 6ds, normal picot, 6ds.



  1. .... and my indolence to read instructions continues as well ;-P

    The square looks nice though , and grazie per aver condiviso :-)

  2. omg, Ninetta !!! You have such an awesome, varied collection of your granny's squares ! Some day I will get around to making them all :-)

  3. Really nice looking and great to put down counts for us, I hope to tat so many things, this is another one :)

  4. WHAT is a “waizer?” : O

    I really like this square... Great little pattern. : )

    1. Ops! Waltzer! It was a mix of waltzer and "valzer" lol!


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