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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

priscilla's frame

Thread is dmc size 80, pattern is from Priscilla Tatting Book #2. It measures about 18x18 cm, a good size for a wedding rings' pillow. I didn't change the number of ds for the half-square, only added a chain of 6-3-3-3-3 to climb to the second round.

I love this frame, I like very much the pattern construction, that is making squares and half-squares separately, then link everything with a fast round of chains. Very clever and so simple.

delicious blackberries
Those delicious blackberries were in the "Parco del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga":

Gran Sasso - the sleeping giant



  1. Your tatted frame is stunning!!!! :)

  2. Such a lovely frame, I must add this to my list of "things I want to tat". What a treasured wedding keepsake this will be for a bride.

  3. You have Wowed me yet again , or should I say 'Vowed' :-)
    Speechless !

  4. Just wonderful, Ninetta! Your tatting is flawless.

    Why Sleeping Giant? We have one at Rhunder Bay, Ontario, located in the province, but it looks like a giant lying down. Here, I'm not seeing it...?

    1. Actually I missed one picot...
      Somebody coming from the sea Adriatico could see it as a giant, that is what I've learned.

  5. Beautiful frame. That might be a good idea for a wedding gift. Thank you !

  6. Sorry I missed this one and I so wanted to see this end result :) it is beautiful frames are one of my favorite things to do in tatting and I have this book too. I hope I live long enough to tat everything I want too, I love this!

  7. The frame is delicate and gorgeous :).


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