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Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I loved tatting this bookmark, one among few I know, that really ask for 3 shuttles to be tatted. Another one it is a beautiful snowflake designed by Teiko Fujito, lately tatted by Carollyn, you can see it in her blog:

This pattern is called "Dianna", by Mimi Dillman. It was very short with my size 80 thread, so I added some more flowers. Sorry Mrs Dillman, I hope you like it!

Thanks to her, when I found her photos in 2010 (here:, I learnt how to tat clunies.
UPDATE link for instructions:

Pattern is free:
UPDATE: link to the pattern:

Another reason to go with this pattern it is that I followed all posts by Muskaan about clunies and there was something that I wanted to try. In particular, I liked what she calls "One Small Step behind the scenes", I think it's effective in reducing the twist of the loop. I do a finger loom, then I pass the loom shuttle into the loop just after I finished the leaf.

What is coming next? An hint: look at the upper side of the picture, I needed a bookmark for that page... May you recognize the book? Layered rings emerge from time to time into old books.



  1. Very very beautiful ! And the bling in the tallies is very cute :-)
    You are again tempting me .... Love the circular edgings you have in pic - eager to see which colours you choose :-)
    Glad the little step worked for you :-)

  2. Wow clunies is something I have not done, I stay away from, Your pattern looks lovely so well done

  3. Very beautiful, and thanks for the reference to my page :) I too like the bling in the clunies, I think that is a first, and good use of that kind of thread. that is an old pattern and I have wanted to down load it and forgot to make it, may bump this one up on that list in my mind, I have!

  4. I look forward to seeing what you're bookmarking with that lovely bookmark. Yes, great use of metallic thread!

  5. Such a beautiful and unique bookmark!!! :)

  6. Beautiful bookmark. For the next, the book is "Tatting" by Thérèse de Dillmont!


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